San Vito Lo Capo is an Italian town of 4,180 inhabitants in the province of Trapani in Sicily.
The country is one of the most famous summer resort in Sicily, the beauty of its beach.
He was born in the late eighteenth century in the territory of Erice, on the slopes of Mount Monaco, in the bright bay between Capo San Vito and Punta Solanto. Traces of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic are found in numerous natural caves, which are houses, which overlook the sea. Remains shrouded in mystery is the existence of an ancient village, Conturrana, a huge cliff 500 feet away from the shore detached from the mountain. Here, probably around the end of the fourth century BC, there was a little town.
Core generator of San Vito Lo Capo is the present sanctuary, an ancient fortress that over the centuries has suffered numerous construction projects. The first building, built around three hundred, was a small chapel dedicated to San Vito martyr, patron of a fishing village.According to a tradition accepted and reported by all the sacred writers and lovers of Sicilian history, the young Vito (presumably the origin of Lucania), to escape the rigors of the tenth persecution ordered by Emperor Diocletian (303-304), and the wrath of his father and Ila prefect of Valerian, with his master and his nurse Crescentia Modesto, escaped by sea from Mazara, with favorable winds landed on the coast of the fief of Punta, in the territory of Mount Erice, the ancients called Cape Egitarso. Here he began to preach the word of God among the locals in a village not far from the beach, called Conturrana.



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